7 Reasons Why You Should be Talking about Rail Tours

One of my suppliers sent me seven fabulous offers for Rail Tours around the world. In 2017, I was Luky enough to go on one of these fantastic Rail Tours (before I became an Independent Travel Consultant). I went on the Indian Pacific across Australia from Perth to Sydney. It really was a great experience and journey. In September 2020, I would like to do the Rocky Mountineer and Alaska cruise. If anyone else is interested in this kind of trip, please contact me (janine@travel-pa.com) as it would be great to make it a group tour.

This is me in Cook (the middle of nowhere) in 2017 on the Indian Pacific.

If you would like to see any more images from my trip, please contact me.

Here are some Incredible Journeys offers from one of my suppliers. Please contact me to book any of these. janine@travel-pa.com

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