Japan and China Tours (Wendy Wu Tours)

This is the Launch of a new product for Wendy Wu Tours. Please contact me for a personalised quote – janinec@travel-pa.com.


• International airfares, • 3 star plus – 4 star accommodation, • All meals

• All transportation in destination, • All entrance fees, guides and daily tours

Japan & the Scenic South – NEW……………….. 13 days  –  Uncover the beauty of the lesser-known island of Kyushu, renowned for its active volcanoes, hot springs and stunning beaches, before exploring the must-see sights of Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo on the largest island of Honshu. Visiting the Southern area with highlights such as visiting one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, Beppu, , cruise the picturesque Yanagawa River on a ‘donkobune’, a poled riverboat, Gaze over Mount Aso, Japan’s largest volcano and the smaller volcanoes within its huge crater (one of which is active), and admire the incredible scenery that surrounds it.                        

Journey Through Japan – NEW………………….. 14 days   From Hokkaido in the South right through to Sapporro in the North.   Spend the night in a ryokan, a centuries-old style of guesthouse that offers the ultimate Japanese experience! Sleep on futons and tatami mats, dine on traditional food and bathe in the relaxing warm waters of an onsen.  Embark on a tour of a sake brewery, where you’ll see first hand the traditional process used to brew the rice wine that is Japan’s national beverage and have a few cheeky tasters.               

Ancient Empires of China & Japan – NEW……… 20 days   The ultimate tour for those wishing to combine the very best of two ancient nations. Join us on an incredible journey from Beijing to Tokyo by road, boat, rail and air on this epic three-week tour! Discover historic Beijing, See the Terracotta Warriors,  Admire Shanghai’s bright lights,  Reflect in Hiroshima,  Admire Kyoto’s temples, Explore bustling Tokyo                           

 Scenic South Korea – NEW……………………….. 13 days   With its complex history, skyscrapers and centuries-old temples, this tour has something for everyone – from bustling cities and stunning countryside to UNESCO world heritage-listed national forests. It is a tour full of contrast.  Explore bustling Seoul ,  Enjoy tea tasting in Boseong, Discover picturesque Busan,  Take a ride on a cable car, Visit Mt Seorak National Park,  Spend time in Gyeongju, ‘the museum without walls’.   Embark on an informative and unusual adventure to the DMZ, the buffer zone between the Koreas. Your visit will include the Bridge of Freedom, DMZ Theatre & Exhibition Hall and the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel.                           

Treasures of Taiwan – NEW……………………….. 14 days   Explore the cities of Taipei and Tainan, where ancient and modern sit side by side, and lose yourself in the natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake and Taroko National Park. Magical Taiwan has so much to offer!  Explore bustling Taipei , Unwind at Sun Moon Lake, Visit the Foguangshan Monastery, Relax on the beach at Kenting, Discover the Taroko Gorge,  Journey on the high-speed rail.

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